“Prairie Dawn and the Symbolism of Unanimated Beauty”
by Lauren Johnson

Stockton New Jersey is the addendum set of The Little House on the Prairie, and I moved there in the Spring of 2008 into an old farmhouse surrounded by acres of preserved historic farmland. We moved here following a short stint in North Carolina […]

Web Exclusive #2:

Web Exclusive #2: Poetry by Ray Brown
More Bars than Anyplace Else

“No one has more bars than us”
broadcast the billboard
on Route 18 in New Brunswick, NJ,
which initially I thought
had to be a promotion
of the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce.
Old haunts of Hoboken.
A bar on every corner
the natives knew the name of each
hard working Germans, Irish, Italians, Yugoslavs
spent […]

Web Exclusive #1: THE THICKENING – Fiction by Richard Goffman

The Thickening

Richard Goffman

WITH AN ALUMINUM TUBE THAT HAD ONCE , long ago, been a section of a tent pole, he stoked the coals in the terracotta chimenea, stirring up a few flames into the twilight, and some ashes, too. It was still too cool to be sitting outside on the porch. He just couldn’t sit […]

Exclusive Web-Only Content Coming Soon to WHAT’S YOUR EXIT?

We are pleased to announce that, beginning next month, the What’s Your Exit? site will be launching exclusive web-only stories, essays, and poems not available in the forthcoming anthology!  We will also begin reviewing new submissions for our online “anthology extension” project in February 2010, so stay tuned for more information.