WHAT'S YOUR EXIT?'s first Web Exclusive Is Now Available!

We are pleased to announce that our first web-exclusive work is now available for your reading pleasure.

Richard Goffman’s short story The Thickening is the perfect inaugural piece for our online anthology companion. Set in the Great Northwest (of New Jersey, that is), Goffman’s prose is as tranquil and sharp as the mountainous terrain that serves […]

Web Exclusive #1: THE THICKENING – Fiction by Richard Goffman

The Thickening

Richard Goffman

WITH AN ALUMINUM TUBE THAT HAD ONCE , long ago, been a section of a tent pole, he stoked the coals in the terracotta chimenea, stirring up a few flames into the twilight, and some ashes, too. It was still too cool to be sitting outside on the porch. He just couldn’t sit […]